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ROH3 provides simple, managed digital learning platforms and learning content


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Companies - from SMMEs to enterprise level
NPOS / NGOs / Social Enterprises / Learning Institutions 


Why Choose ROH3

Research shows that a strategic digital learning program will give you the competitive advantage.

Stepping onto the digital learning path though can be a daunting prospect and expensive if your company chooses the wrong strategy partner.

Our approach is to guide you on your journey, starting with a simple and within budget solution to fit the needs of your company.

As your company expands we will help you to grow your digital learning strategy. 

It's all about choosing the right partner.

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Business Advantage

Benefits of a Well-Designed Digital Learning Strategy
Reputation Enhancement   |   Increase in Revenue   |   Reduction in Costs

Quality Staff Retention

Research has revealed that training and development is the top priority for Millennials in the workplace. As a result, this is becoming a key factor in the integrated talent strategy of progressive companies wishing to retain quality staff.

In developing countries like South Africa, where a high percentage of the population are Millennials, the adoption of Digital Learning Strategies by SMMEs, as a training option, is set to explode, as the competitive benefits become obvious.

Company Success

Quality Products and Services

Key to your business success are well-trained, skilled staff who understand your company’s products and customer needs, as well as your company’s processes and procedures.

Quality Products and Services lead to

  • Reputation Enhancement
  • Increase in Revenue
  • Reduction of Costs
  • Company success


Legal and Industry Compliance

Business and Industry specific training of staff

  • Minimises accidents and production downtime.
  • Minimises the threat of potential litigation.
  • Ensures higher quality products and services which,
  • Promotes customer and partner trust and loyalty.


Company and Product Knowledge Retention

Prevents company knowledge degradation over time


Our Products

We provide simple, managed digital learning platforms and learning content.

Managed LMS Platforms

Company or product specific training


Generic online eLearning courses

General business or industry training


Managed LMS Platforms

The ROH3 LMS solution includes the implementation and optional management of a configured LMS.The LMS is a standard open-source application, configured to reflect the client’s specific branding.

Various LMS hosting and management options are available, with add-on retainer bundles for an optimally managed eLearning programme.

A managed solution includes:

  1. LMS software upgrades.
  2. LMS overlay theme software upgrades.
  3. Backups and restore of the LMS and courses
  4. Updates to the privacy and security policies should the POPI Act / GDPR change.
  5. User management
  6. Distribution of reports as required by the client.
  7. Continued training of client LMS manager on the LMS advancements and new features.
  8. Basic bundled support hours plan, which may be used for:
    • Assistance with course loading.
    • Additional branding changes.
    • Customisation of required reports.
    • Staff training on the LMS.

Generic online eLearning courses

As a value-add service, generic online eLearning courses are also available on request. This is dependent on availability since these courses are sourced via 3rd party vendors.


Simple Workflow

It's simple- we'll guide you through the process

1. Strategy Design


We start by discussing your needs with you and from there we design a strategy that best fits your budget. The strategy will include your hosting option, customised branding and content creation, if required.

2. LMS Implementation


Our next step is to create the customisation scripts and help you to refine your content. Once this is done our implementation team will deploy your LMS solution.

3. Load Digital Material


As part of the implementation we will help you to setup your first course and create your users on the system. If you opt for a self-managed solution we will train your LMS Administrator on how to use the application.

4. LMS Management


If you opted for the managed LMS Solution we will take care of your LMS platform and offer assistance with the setup of courses and new users. We additionally offer you bundled support hours for branding updates and content creation.


Pricing Structure

Your Budget - Many Options

Our Story Our Vision

"If your dreams don't scare you they are not big enough" - Ellen Johnson Sirleaf
ROH3 Vision

Building networks of support Empowering
Future Generations

Our Purpose - Our Focus

We are a startup social enterprise with a huge vision and dream of contributing towards the growth of the South African economy. We'd like to invite you to read on and discover just how huge and ambitious our vision is. As Ellen Johnson Sirleaf famously said: "If your dreams don't scare you they are not big enough". This is our dream!

Many people ask what ROH3 stands for. It's not an acronym. It's more of a play on words and embodies an ideal that was presented by Virginia Woolf in 1929 in an essay entitled "A Room of One's Own". Woolf proposed that for a woman to be a successful writer all she needed was a room of her own and 500 pounds a year to support herself. A contemporary analysis of her essay suggests that most of us possess unique talents, which lie dormant, but could be used to incredible effect if we had access to the correct resources and the space / time to pursue our dreams.

Our vision is to empower socially conscious people to actualise their dreams, by providing access to education, internships and mentoring.

To follow our journey or to become part of the adventure, sign up for our newsletter.


ROH3 People

We're a Growing Network

Bev Foss

Founder / CEO

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Durban Road, Mowbray, Cape Town, South Africa

+27(0)82 458 8821


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We provide simple, managed digital learning platforms and learning content.